HUNET Product Planning and Production of OEM/Character Goods

Product Planning and Production of OEM/Character Goods


New Development

We always have the venture spirit and constantly strive for new challenges.
Here are some of our new businesses.

Brand Licensing Business

We work with our overseas subsidiaries to introduce growing and leading brands.


[ IOIO by ‘ Iolani Sportswear, Ltd]
Iolani Sportswear Ltd. was founded by Keiji Kawakami and his wife Edith in 1953 and is Hawaii’s oldest fashion brand.
For more than 50 years, their modernized and elegant Island-Style are loved by not only locals but by Hawaiian fans all around the world.

SNS-related business

SNS-related business

Our new business in progress with our affiliated social networking service provider.

Coming soon…

ACW Business

ACW Business

Our new business providing climbing game using AR technology with our affiliated company from Finland.

ACW Business detail


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